Meeting Notes

Feb 10, 2018

We started the Earth in Space badge. We made a model to help remember the names of our “visitors from space”(Requirement 11.2).

We also studied the effects of meteorites & the impact they can have (Requirement 11.3). To do this, we took a pan of flour covered with a layer of hot chocolate then dropped different sized & weighted “meteorites” (foil with different items wrapped inside to add size or weight). We had found that the heavier the meteor the deeper the impression they left. Larger meteors didn’t necessarily leave the deepest impressions since some of them were lighter but they did create larger diameter craters. One thing that was noticed is the starish shaped splatter around the crater.

You MUST either visit our Pinterest page ( then scroll to the 11. Earth in Space badge board) or at least the links below.

If you missed this meeting, and want to work on this badge, create the model we did for the different stage of meteors & asteroids & try out the experiment we did. Or pick out any 2 requirements outside of 11.1 to do in place of them.

For our meeting in April, I would like to see you come up with some type of project that has to do with some thing that interests you from space. (This is what we are doing for Requirment 11.1, I am changing it a bit.) I know some of you have made solar system models, that will work. Or do things like nebulas, black holes, the International Space Station, a certain planet or constellations interest you? I am leaving this one up to you & your imagination. A drawing, poster, model, the choice is yours. Families can work in groups just as long as everyone does some part of the project. You will have 5 minutes or so to present it at the meeting. We would also like a written/typed paragraph on your project. Earth Eagle will then weave them into an article for the Pick & Dop.